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Perth, Outside US, Australia

Message  Writer 7390 is amazing. Not only did he/she complete my assignment one week before the due date, he/she was happy to work through the research paper with me, revise so many times until I was completely satisfied. WELL DONE!!

Recommended?  Yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  I haven't tried any other services!

Olmsted Falls, Ohio, United States

Message  I recieved my paper in a timley manner, two days early, which gave me a buffer to review and change a few minor things. It was very well written and I am completely happy with the finished product

Recommended?  Yes, I thought he/she did a graet job. I would like to use there skills again, but I do not know how to retain their ID# for a future order.

How does our service compare to the competition?  I have only tried one other, that does not compare to this service. I have only had one problem with a paper and the on line chat service. Your company refunded my charge for that particular order, which gave me the confidence to return.

Warner Robins, Georgia, United States

Message  This is an EXCELLENT company, the service you provide is a life saver. I am a full time student and work full time as well, on top of this I have been having some health issues and would not have been able to write this paper as well as do all my other homework. The writer I had (4033) was wonderful. My paper was completed before my deadline so I had plenty of time to review it in case any changes needed to be made, which there were none. I am very happy with the services I recieved and will return!!! Again I can't thank yall enough!

Recommended?  Yes, the writer was very professional and completed my assignment very quickly.

How does our service compare to the competition?  I am very lucky in that this was the first place I have tried. I did look around and this seemed to be the most professional site, that is why I chose essay meister.

Miami, Florida, United States

Message  The writer Rachael did an Excellent Job! she specifically followed the directions I gave, and gave me exactly what i wanted.

Recommended?  Yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  I've never tried any writing sites, this is the first time I use a writing site.

Snellville, Georgia, United States

Message  Thank you so much for a great job and turned in before the deadline. Writer 9179 did excellent work and I had plenty of time to add some of my original thoughts to the paper. I received a 100% on this research paper and would not have been able to complete it on my own. I have a husband and two kids and am trying to finish my degree. This class is extremely demanding and in one week we had to complete two case studies, a case report, and a research paper. Thanks to writer 9179 I was able to dedicate all my time to the other assignments and received A's on everything.

Recommended?  I would definitely recommend this service to other people.

How does our service compare to the competition?  I have never used any other on-line writing services, and now I never will!

Manahawkin, New Jersey, United States

Message  As Always, Writer 3620 is an unbelievable writer! I could not have asked for anyone better. Top Notch professional work! I have gotten all A's on my papers. Thank you WRITER 3620!

Recommended?  YES

How does our service compare to the competition?  I do not use other services, as I am very happy with this one.

Gainesville, Florida, United States

Message  Writer excellent- I was impressed that he/she had the hard copy of text. True literature professional. Paper will more than jump start my intentions to submit.

Recommended?  yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  na

Farmington, Missouri, United States

Message  I had writer 9179 and all i can say is WOW! Every paper was amazing, and i never needed to have anything changed...This was such a helpful service and i would recommend it to everyone. It saved me so much time and gave me more time on my other studies. So THANK-YOU for everything.

Recommended?  I would recommend writer 9179 to anyone needing a paper done.

How does our service compare to the competition?  Ive never tried any other sites, but after this experience there is no need to anyway!

Gainesville, Florida, United States

Message  Very satisfied- Except for the details using MLA format, this writer was excellent. I was able to change my writing subject and recieve a paper within 4 hours! AWESOME!

Recommended?  Very Likely

How does our service compare to the competition?  Have not tried another

Oakgrove, Kentucky, United States


Recommended?  YES

How does our service compare to the competition?  THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I HAVE EVER TREID

Manahawkin, New Jersey, United States

Message  WRITER 3620 is a Phenominal writer. I couldn't have asked for a better writer. Writer 3620 continuously writes top notch papers, and I get A's on all my papers. Thank you Writer 3620.

Recommended?  YES

How does our service compare to the competition?  I don't use other services, because I am happy with this one.

Mississauga, Outside US, Canada

Message  my writer on these research project is very very good, as i say the BEST he/she put all the effort as far as i knw coz i gave all my refernces but still the writer made an effort to do his own research too in addition to mine. my research is quite in a rush just less than 12 hours and its done though we wrk it out together to summarize some. i cannot finish the project w/out the writers' effort,, it didnt leave me on the air. THIS WRITER IS NOT AFTER THE QUANTITY OF PAPER, ITS THE QUALITY THAT THIS WRITER IS AFTER. when i put it in turnitin my similarity index is only the refernce so it means its all original custom writing. TO MY WRITER,, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ITS A BIG SIGH FOR ME,, COZ I HAVE LOTS OF EXAMS COMING..thnak you again & im so glad its done",)

Recommended?  yes,, very much

How does our service compare to the competition?  i tried other website too, though i knw your site already its just that the site is NURSEWRITE.COM--- I WILL TELL YOU THAT SITE IS A SCAM... YOUR SITE IS YOU CAN CHAT DIRECTLY TO THE WRITER...that site made my paper up,, i emailed them for revision but no response

Bronx, New York, United States

Message  Excellent and the writer, excellent. I would use the writer, again!

Recommended?  Of course. Excellent work. God bless the writer.

How does our service compare to the competition?  Excellent. Very easy to navigate and very professional. The site does not look fake. first impression to me is the best impression. The rest speakes for itself. This company is superb. i would use it again without thinking.

Ontario, California, United States

Message  You have done another excellent job, but I knew that you would based on your performance and assistance you have given me to date. The service and assistance you and your company lend to students, such as me, has maintained the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge of the given topics. Thank you many times over for all the assistance yoy have provided to me.

Recommended?  definitely

How does our service compare to the competition?  n/a

Germantown, Tennessee, United States

Message  Very good job. I want to use writer 6040 for all my Geo papers and problems.

Recommended?  Highly recommended

How does our service compare to the competition?  Have not used other services yet.

Oak Lawn, Illinois, United States

Message  Completely organized and professional staff of writers who meet student's needs when overwhelmed with their studies and careers.

Recommended?  I would recommend this service to anyone who requires assistance with their projects and proofreading their papers.

How does our service compare to the competition?  Outstanding and well versed, as well as educated writers.

Fife Lake, Michigan, United States

Message  Well put together and very fast I was shocked that I had it in only a few days when I give them 30 days to complete it. The writer was right on it thank you I will return for more services.

Recommended?  Yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  This is the first one I ever used so when I get my grade I will let you know but it looks GREAT to me.

Kissimmee, Florida, United States

Message  The company was on a constant throughout the whole process.Very profesional.The writer followed through with all of my spesification regarding my paper.Thank you.

Recommended?  Yes,the writer pulled it through in a short amount of time,so I could imagine if he had more time to play with.

How does our service compare to the competition?  This was my first experience with this type of business,and so far so good.I'll have more to say once my paper has been graded.Thank you custom-essay-meister.

Manama, Outside US, Bahrain

Message  To tell you the truth, whenever I find myself stuck and there is no way to get out of my writing problem and there is not time for me to finish the work, I immediately your great and wonderful agency to help me out. I always find my expectation with you. Thank you for creating such an agency. You have such wonderful writers who always meet our needs. Please keep up the good work. Dr. H. A. Yes

Recommended?  Yes for sure

How does our service compare to the competition?  the best

Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States

Message  I believe that you are really excellent company and you have a great writers who have good experience and knowledge like the writer # 4670 who has done a great job for me and my friends. He has done the work in a good time with high quality. This writer has a great potential which exceeded my expectations I really like his work. Wish him all the best. Thanks

Recommended?  absolutely yes, First I saw his work for my first friend. Then I choose him to do mine. Now my friend needs to do a summary for his book. I refer him to this writer since he has done great job for two of us. Thanks my best writer (#4670)

How does our service compare to the competition?  I don't have much to say other than "you are the best"

Katy, Texas, United States

Message  I have been a loyal customer now through 7 projects, and writer number 95457 really came through for me today! The writing was definitely above my expectations!

Recommended?  yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  never used another

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Message  Smooth & Very Professional,,!! Writer# 7379 did an awesome job with the topic and finished ahead of schedule. The writer was even able to include my ruff draft and everything was seamless,,!!!

Recommended?  Apsolutely Yes,,!!

How does our service compare to the competition?  Nothing else compares to CustomEssay,,!!

Geneva, Outside US, Switzerland

Message  firstly i really liked the paper, second i would like to thank you for your trying, and putting so much effort into this. And finally thanks for being so nice and polite.

Recommended?  yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  i dont use any others

Ft Worth, Texas, United States

Message  I was doing research when I ran across your website. I was a bit worried that I would not get what I needed or get anything back at all. I am very pleased with the quality of work and the quick trunaround from my writer and your company. I will be using your site in the future and will refer all of my firends.

Recommended?  YES

How does our service compare to the competition?  This is the first site I have used

West Riffa, Outside US, Bahrain

Message  I was amazed by how fast the writer was able to complete the assignment and how the writer went back and wrote the whole paper again after I didn't like it and how well the writer followed my instructions.

Recommended?  yes I would.

How does our service compare to the competition?  It's so much better because you actually can do what it says on your site and the process is much more easier. I also felt like I can trust this service to do the assignment properly more that the other services because of the policies.

Oakgrove, Kentucky, United States

Message  Omg I am so excited that I have this work before time. The first thing I have noticed is that how accurate all of my papers have been thanks so much for all your hard work.

Recommended?  yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  This is the only site I have used

Naperville, Illinois, United States

Message  Your writing company is the best and you have great writers. The writer was able to complete a great essay in such a short amount of time. Quality was super,almost too good.

Recommended?  Yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  Like I said your company is the best,the price is reasonable, the writers are very professional. Ever since I discovered your company I have not use any other service.

Miami Beach, Florida, United States

Message  I only work with this company because of writer 1605 which for me is very professional and does a impeccable job always if you want the best definitely request writer 1605.

Recommended?  I highly recommend writer 1605

How does our service compare to the competition?  As long you guys keep writer 1605 I can say this is by far the best, top of the line.

Oakgrove, Kentucky, United States

Message  I really like the way the writer used more than one example when writing. The comparison's were more than what I actually expected to be honest. I have erferred many of my cp-workers, and many classmates to this site. The writers are very relaible!

Recommended?  yes

How does our service compare to the competition?  I have only tried this one

Marathon, Outside US, Canada

Message  My first time using this service. The writer was very professional and very quick!! Communication was excellent. To say I am very impressed and pleased with my paper. IT was very informative and professional. Thank you so much:)

Recommended?  Yes, I would recommend this to others........

How does our service compare to the competition?  This is the first time I have used a site. I am 100% pleased.


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